The Negative Effect and Its Solution

Don’t nurture the idea if its negative. It will never stop growing, believe me. There are times in life which we may think that its just too hard, especially when we feel so down, but remember that after every storm there’s a rainbow. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. It doesn’t mean that we must not acknowledge the feeling of pain and sadness, and just be happy always in every situation. No. Sadness is an essential part of our life. Just think about it. We need sadness to truly realize and appreciate the real value of happiness. Both sadness and happiness make our life complete. So accept every challenge the world throws at you, make mistakes, acknowledge sadness and enjoy the complete feeling of happiness after. This life of yours may never be as perfect as you imagine, but always remember that there is perfection in our imperfection. We are love by God, that’s the only assurance you needed. smile emoticon


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